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TRSG Branding

TRSG (The RedShift Group) is a software development, visualisation and technical consultancy group of companies. This is my work on its rebranding and visual development for web based applications and interfaces.
The main branding was already based on a geosphere so I used the geosphere for all the visual development starting with the logo. I redesigned the logo in Illustrator and also in 3d studio Max. I imagined the geosphere as a planet made of circuit boards and metal with a layer of code to express the idea of computer programming and high technology. I rendred it with Vray and did some post-production using Knoll Light Factory. I used very simple fonts for the printed materials and for the web I tried to achieve a different style, more futuristic and technical.
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Elena v nedelcu trsg logo

Logo development in Illustrator

Elena v nedelcu geoclose up

Render of the geosphere

Elena v nedelcu geo comp play

Post of the geosphere

Elena v nedelcu business card mock up

Business cards

Elena v nedelcu landing page space

Landing page

Elena v nedelcu 4be comp1

Composition v1

Elena v nedelcu 4be comp3

Composition v2

Elena v nedelcu 4be comp2

Composition v3