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Hi guys,
This is an attempt to illustrate a chapter from the classic sci-fi book "The Stars my Destination" by Alfred Bester. To be more precise it's about Chapter 2 in which the author describes how the main character (Gully Foyle) adrift in space, gets to this asteroid, a mini planet situated in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.
When I first read the book I enjoyed so much the description of the asteroid that I felt an imperious need to create an image out of it. This is the quote from the beginning of the chapter:

"BETWEEN MARS AND JUPITER is spread the broad belt of the
asteroids. Of the thousands, known and unknown, most unique to the
Freak Century was the Sargasso Asteroid, a tiny planet manufactured
of natural rock and wreckage salvaged by its inhabitants in the course
of two hundred years."

Also there is a description of the greenhouse of the asteroid which I thought it would be also really interesting to be visualised:

"He awoke again. He had been taken out of his spacesuit. He was
in the greenhouse of the asteroid where plants were grown for fresh
oxygen. The hundred-yard hull of an old ore carrier formed the room,
and one wall had been entirely fitted with salvaged windows . . . round
ports, square ports, diamond, hexagonal . . . every shape and age of
port had been introduced until the vast wall was a crazy quilt of glass
and light."

This is the place where the main character is unconsciously tattooed on his entire face with a Maori mask, so I thought it would be cool to show the mask like a mark on the actual asteroid. The book is also known under the name "Tiger!Tiger!" because of the Maori mask which I found very interesting.
The story is more complex than that and only in this chapter are so many elements that ignite the imagination and spawn the creativity.
I totally recommend the book as it is a very pleasant reading and for me it was also a trigger to practice my modelling and compositing skills and this project actually determined me to use ZBrush for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you very much for viewing this!


Elena v nedelcu sargasso v2560
Elena v nedelcu sargasso ao
Elena v nedelcu sargasso detail1
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